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GAINESVILLE, FL — A man who helped create some of the most innovative photographic military technology is now in North Central Florida.

Chris Fitzsimmons helped create some of the world’s most classified satellite technology that’s been used by the U.S military and NASA.

He created a film allowing satellites to focus and see things in a specific area.

It’s recently been used to help recover debris from Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370.

Now Fitzsimmons and his wife have moved to Alachua County, where he’s sharing his knowledge and experiences with students in the area.

Fitzsimmons says, “The students are amazingly dedicated and they just want to learn. You know, they do a lot of homework, and it’s just a delight to work with them.”

Fitzsimmons received the Pioneer of Reconnaissance Award in February.

It’s the highest award for someone working in optical and satellite intelligence and technology.

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This story originally featured on WCJB-TV. See the article here.