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There are many benefits found living in a lifestyle community and one is the availability of a comprehensive calendar of fitness and wellness programs offered each month. Especially during the holiday season; when according to recent studies, the average person can gain one to two pounds; a healthy lifestyle and limiting unwanted weight gain are desired.
At East Ridge at Cutler Bay the supervised Wellness and Fitness Center is where residents head each day and they take advantage of having this amenity conveniently located within the community.
Older adults over 60 are more susceptible to weight gain due to a decrease in metabolism rate. Frequent and regular exercise is key to fighting the added pounds of holiday celebrating.
For example, in December under the guidance of a full time fitness coordinator, Suzana Delgado, residents have the option of attending many different exercise and fitness classes as well as working out in the state of the art fitness center open each day.
Among the opportunities: water aerobics is offered at the East Ridge heated swimming pool which attracts water enthusiasts twice a week; while land lumbers enjoy the balance and flexibility class on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 and 10:30. One of the most popular classes is known as Sittercise that focuses on stretching and flexibility.
Exercising in the Wellness Center means residents are surrounded by not only the watchful eye of a supervisor; they have the comradery of their friends for companionship and motivation. Many all age fitness centers may seem intimidating to seniors with their complicated fitness machines and buff jocks and few offer supervision geared to the 60 and over set.
At East Ridge this is far from the norm. “We find our residents are much more comfortable exercising here. Many may never have used fitness equipment before being introduced to working out since moving to East Ridge,” said Suzana. They quickly become devoted to exercising and the Wellness Center is a hub of the community.
We recommend that at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity should be performed most days of the week with strength training a main focus since it prevents bone and muscle loss.
During the winter months residents can also participate in outdoor activities such as bocce, disc golf and master tennis.
In addition to the Wellness Center, at East Ridge there are winding walking and bike paths throughout the community which offer a great opportunity for residents to leave their cars and golf carts at home and walk to various buildings within the East Ridge community. “Walking can’t be beat as a forum of exercise which illustrates those physical activities doesn’t need to be complicated. A daily walk can help you live heathier life,” recommends Suzana.
We tell our residents that if they are going to indulge and enjoy the delicious food prepared by our chefs for the holidays; to walk to the dining room. That brisk walk can help maintain a health weight, strength bones and lift the spirits. While there is a purpose in one’s destination; there are so many benefits.
“My number one exercise tip during the holidays is to keep the body active,” she added.