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At East Ridge at Cutler Bay, Miami-Dade County’s only life plan community, it’s all about the social connections.

Living in a retirement community like East Ridge offers like-minded people as neighbors and a social life that is full of choices every day of the week including Sundays and holidays.

According to AARP, “research shows older adults who feel lonely are at greater risk of memory loss, strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure.  Loneliness and isolation are linked to physical inactivity and poor sleep, as well as high blood pressure and poor immune functioning”.

“We often hear new residents comment that they’ve never been as busy as they are since moving to East Ridge,” said Amy Sanders, acting director of sales.  There is a new found freedom that really is invigorating.”

Residents take advantage of door to door community provided transportation services for easier shopping and joining people on outings and cultural activities. They no longer need to worry about driving at night, finding a convenient parking spot or safely navigating a parking lot.  Living at East Ridge means these no longer are concerns.

Similarly, dining takes on a whole new meaning.

“There are always welcoming tables of diners in the community’s lovely dining room and no one sits alone unless this is what they prefer,” she explains.  “There are also group outings to local restaurants which are fun to try with friends and neighbors.  Someone may not have wanted to dine alone so they opted to stay at home. But since moving to East Ridge, this is never an issue.”

A study in 2012 by Carla Perissinoto, a geriatrician and researcher from the University of California at San Francisco, showed that 43 per cent of people over 60 felt lonely.  There are many causes of loneliness, including illness, hearing loss or life changes such as retirement or the loss of a spouse.

“Living at a life plan community offers social connections and resources which are similar to what people had available when they were younger and working or had children,” said Sanders.

There are a vast number of opportunities to volunteer at East Ridge and each day is so much more satisfying.  East Ridge is unique as a life plan community in that people can serve on committees and make contributions about the community’s lifestyle through these committees.  They can work in the community’s thrift store and garden shop if they choose.

For people who don’t wish to volunteer, there are a host of other opportunities and choices as well.  Exercise classes are offered each day as well as special interest lectures, movies, discussions and entertainment.

Without leaving East Ridge there is so much available and opportunities to build new social connections.

To learn more about East Ridge at Cutler Bay, we invite you to call 305-256-3564.