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Fatherhood is a Gift

The greatest gift of our community is the sense of intimacy and family we’ve created over the last four years. During this time our team has had the pleasure to develop deep and meaningful relationships with each of our residents, their adult children and even some grandchildren. In the month of May the community celebrated the many mothers who have sacrificed, nurtured and guided their children throughout life. Well gentlemen, it’s your turn and June is dedicated to you!

Father’s Day is about more than the traditional #1 Dad coffee mug or decorative necktie. It’s a celebration for those who are fortunate and blessed enough to be called dad. It’s a time to recognize fathers for their many late nights or weekends at work to ensure their family was provided with the best in life or with opportunities they never had. It’s a time to look back and appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom you’ve shared.

Becoming a father is one of life’s true blessings, not to mention a miracle in and of itself. The joy of holding your first born child in your arms is indescribable. You’ve watched how they overcame many of life’s unpredictable moments and rejoiced when they met each of their set out goals. You’ve helped them to avoid mistakes you may have made and even encouraged them to take opportunities you may have missed. You taught your children that no matter how many times you fall down, you always get back up and try again.

Whatever the situation may be, your presence in their life and the memories you’ve created are a gift that will live on with you forever.

As a new father to an amazing little boy, I will share this day with him. I have yet to see him walk or even speak his first words but I look forward to these memories. To all our fathers in the community, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Celebrate this special time with your family and reminisce on your most treasured memories together.

Talk to you soon,