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Shuffle board width= The City of Cutler Bay has selected East Ridge at Cutler Bay as a host location for many of the competitions of the 4th annual Senior Games starting on Monday, October 16. Shuffleboard, billiards, table tennis, and horseshoes will be played at the life plan community on Thursday, Oct. 19 starting at 9 am.

Participants in the 4th annual Cutler Bay Senior Games come from the Cutler Bay area, nearby communities and also include some East Ridge residents.

“There should be lots of competitive enthusiasm when the participants come to East Ridge,” said Executive Director Ken Cormier. “We’re honored to serve as a host location and the public can attend for free. The Senior Games are a wonderful opportunity to showcase that age really doesn’t matter. The games celebrate dedication and commitment to fitness, fun, and fellowship.”

Each of the games played at East Ridge require skill and practice. Avid shuffleboard players have been trying to encourage a resurgence in popularity of the sport and are happy to have shuffleboard included in the Senior Games. The game requires the strategy of chess and finesse of billiards. Winning at shuffleboard rewards seasoned cunning over callow impatience according to competitive players.

East Ridge offers a variety of recreational sports played both indoors and outdoors. The community installed a disc golf course that is growing in popularity and has a group of master tennis players, a game played indoors with smaller rackets.

“Our residents desire new fitness and wellness activities to keep their interest level high,” said Cormier. “They particularly enjoy the fitness center where they can work out with people like themselves and they take advantage of the extensive number of fitness classes which are offered each day. There is a hard-core group that enjoys shuffleboard so hopefully, they’ll do very well in the tournament.”

For information about the 4th Annual Senior Games, please contact Janelle Marzouka at or 786-573-5575.