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The legacy of living well begins with a commitment to our residents continued happiness and highest level of independence.

The Vitality Program offers a customized, proactive approach to wellness focused on individualized improvements to make life better in mind, body and spirit. As we age, a healthy lifestyle provides the support we need to continue to live independently and at our highest quality of life.

Julie Samples, Vitality Manager, helps explain the benefits of the Vitality Program and how she strives to “enrich the lives of the seniors we serve in vitality, health and wellness.”

Trusted Relationships

Julie leads a team of nurses and certified fitness instructors to provide the confidence you need to navigate your health. These trusted relationships begin with an initial Vitality Assessment. A series of questions lets Julie’s team assess your current level of health and provide individualized recommendations to create impactful change. A one-on-one approach to your plan allows you to get to know the staff as we get to know you.

Recommendations from our team may include a weekly fitness routine, dietary changes or opportunities for continued education to better understand conditions related to aging, such as cardiovascular health or arthritis.

“The relationships we are building allow us to be a reliable source for healthcare support and guidance,” says Samples.

Convenient Healthcare

Health plays a crucial role in our residents’ happiness and is further supported by convenient healthcare.

As part of the Vitality Program, residents have full access to an on-campus clinic for any questions or concerns about their health. A trusted team of professionals is available to offer medical recommendations and a 24-hour hotline provides around-the-clock support to help our residents feel better every day.

Engaging Fitness

Our program is data driven. The initial Vitality assessment provides the data we need to assess the level of health across our community. Group fitness classes are created in direct response to our Vitality team’s analysis. After we determined 80 percent of our residents have arthritis, our fitness instructors were certified in Arthritis Foundation exercise, aquatics and Tai Chi. In addition both of our pools are heated to the Arthritis Foundation’s recommended temperature.

Beyond the numbers, the resident wellness committee meets monthly to assess the fitness offerings at our community. Their discussions, along with resident feedback, have brought yoga and meditation to our community while expanding the number of classes to meet a growing demand.

Individualized workouts, in our state-of-the-art gym, also provide the flexibility our residents need to squeeze fitness into their busy schedules. After completing the vitality assessment, residents work with a certified fitness instructor to understand each step in their customized routine.

We also embrace new fitness techniques and technology like the CyberCycle, an indoor biking experience proven to help reduce cognitive decline, to provide the very best results for our residents.

The Vitality Program provides a team of qualified health and fitness professionals to help you maintain your independence and highest quality of life.