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If you Google “retirement community options,” you will see pages and pages of websites and links. There are so many things to consider when you are planning your next move: amenities, location, health care, meal plans and, of course, the overall cost. The Village at Gainesville offers you an innovative option that’s not too common among senior living communities: renting.

Avoid the entrance fee model, without settling

rental retirement community

Most senior living communities frequently require prospective residents to pay a large entrance fee upfront, which can be a barrier to many older adults considering this type of retirement community. The entrance fee model also brings with it the arduous choice of making an enormous financial commitment to a particular community, which can cause stress before you even move there. The Village at Gainesville offers all of the peace of mind that one expects from a trusted senior living option, with the flexibility of annual leases instead of the high-cost, high-commitment entrance fee route.

Living in a rental-only community doesn’t mean settling for less: it means flexibility. The programs and amenities offered are top-notch, as would be expected of any premier senior living community in the area. To help you maximize every dimension of your wellness, The Village at Gainesville offers a Vitality Program and boundless opportunities for learning and trying new things. 

Fortunately, The Village’s annual lease program does not mean limited residence options! Our independent living community provides six residential neighborhoods, and each one comes with the same level of comfort and maintenance-free living you’d expect if you had paid an entrance fee somewhere else.

As part of your annual lease, one straightforward monthly service fee covers your comfortable residence and everything else our gated 104-acre campus has to offer:

  • As part of the aforementioned Vitality Program, new residents can choose to have a full health and wellness assessment, from which we create a customized Vitality Plan that will guide you with personalized recommendations to maximize your well-being.

  • Delicious dining with new menus weekly – We take great pride in our dining options at The Village, so that every dining experience delivers optimal taste, flavor and quality. 
  • We believe that learning has no age limit. Through our engagements with the nearby University of Florida and SantaFe College, there are many opportunities for educational enrichment on a wide variety of topics. Courses and lectures offered include interesting topics such as languages, literature, art, music appreciation, ancient and near history, religion and philosophy. The Village is a fantastic learning environment, and instructors of these sessions are often recognized experts in their field.

Are you ready to explore the legacy of living well at The Village at Gainesville?  Why wait any longer to make your next step your best step? Simply contact us and allow us to answer any questions you may have.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team of senior living counselors looks forward to hearing from you and discussing your ideal senior lifestyle – a lifestyle you can attain without having to liquidate your assets to pay a huge entrance fee.