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Moving to a place like The Village at Gainesville means having the exciting opportunity to become a part of a new social community! As a resident, you’ll find yourself quickly intertwined into the colorful social fabric of the neighborhood.

Attending daily activities is one of many great ways to spend time with and meet fellow residents. By coming together thanks to a shared interest, residents get to know each other well and create lasting friendships. Plus, with a diverse variety of programming at The Village, there’s something for everyone! From games and exercise classes, to happy hour, the Residents’ Council and trivia, residents find they can stay just as busy and involved as they like.

A vibrant life at The Village at Gainesville

Like many residents, Joe Ball was eager to get involved when he and his wife, Dorothy, moved to The Village more than 12 years ago. Right away, Joe filled his daily schedule with group activities, fishing and exercise classes, and eventually even organized poker and bridge groups for his neighborhood.

Joe Ball has enjoyed the environment, amenities and friendships he's made at Jasmine Pointe, one of the premier options for assisted living in Gainesville.

“After a few years of living in a cottage at The Village, we decided to move to the Lake House into a beautiful apartment,” Joe explained, “so that we could be more involved with people during the day. We are both people persons and wanted to be more involved with others.”

After another few years, the couple decided to move to Jasmine Pointe to take advantage of the helpful services available there, one of the premier options for assisted living in Gainesville. This allowed Joe and Dorothy to continue to do the things they enjoy each day, while providing them with the perfect amount of personalized support.

“Dorothy passed away in 2017, and since I’ve been living on my own, I have found that the more activities I can get involved in, the better I feel,” Joe shared. “I’ve tried almost everything, and it has all been great. However, I found some gaps in my time, so that’s when I decided to organize a poker group. Once I got some more time, I organized the bridge group. Both of them meet twice a week and we play for about two hours.”

Living well and eating well

When Joe isn’t playing card games with his friends, he stays active by joining the frequent exercise classes available. Exercise classes are offered for people of all abilities, so residents can pick and choose how they prefer to exercise. For example, the fitness offerings in Jasmine Pointe include the Better Balance class, Zumba, the stretching class and Funfit classes, among others.

“The exercise classes are wonderful. I don’t do anything too strenuous, but enough to keep me feeling good every day!” Joe exclaimed.

In addition to games and exercise, Joe’s daily schedule also includes delicious meals in the dining room with friends and neighbors.

“The food is just as good as anything you can get out in a restaurant,” he said. “The dining room is large, well decorated and the servers are wonderful. They’re all well trained and they really know what they’re doing!”

Personalized, daily support: Quality assisted living in Gainesville

No matter what Joe chooses to do each day at The Village, he always has the trusted support of Jasmine Pointe’s assisted living staff members. Their expertise, attentiveness and friendliness make all the difference in the quality of care they provide and how they build strong relationships with the residents they serve.

“Anytime I want anything, even if it’s just a light turned on, or a window shade opened, they’re there to help. I can just press the personnel button and someone is here in a few minutes. It’s one of the things that I enjoy so much,” Joe explained. “All of the staff is well trained, and they all have great personalities. My favorite nurse in particular is just so wonderful, and you can hear her laughing from all over The Village. We have fun, and the staff all have a great sense of humor.”

If you’re looking for information on top-rated assisted living in Gainesville, simply reach out to us today! Our friendly staff will answer your questions and would be happy to show you around Jasmine Pointe. You can reach us by phone at 352-548-3507, or click here to request a personalized appointment.