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An activity calendar for an assisted living community needs to offer residents well-rounded programs to engage and enrich their lives.

At East Ridge assisted living, the monthly calendar is planned by a fulltime lifestyle director, Patricia Naraindutt, and each day, including weekends, combines a wide range of opportunities and choices.

“Families select an assisted living community for their safety and security features as well as services, but an important consideration is activities that help residents socialize,” said Naraindutt.  “Typically, this was what was missing where residents were previously living. They may have spent much of their day watching TV.”

According to Naraindutt, one of the biggest challenges faced by seniors is their social circles begin to shrink as the years go by. The loss of a spouse or their declining physical conditions make it difficult to be involved socially. It also compounds the situation when seniors can no longer drive and they have to rely on others for their connections.

Isolation and the feeling that one lacks fulfilling personal relationships can take a toll on one’s physical health.  A University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study found that participants 60 years old and older who reported feeling lonely saw a 45 percent increase in their risk of death. Isolated survey respondents also had a 59 percent greater risk of mental and physical decline than their more social counterparts.

“When someone moves to assisted living and a whole world opens to them, it’s so rewarding to see their smiles and laughter,” she said. “The value of being together with people who share similar life experiences cannot be underestimated.”

For example, Naraindutt plans field trips to different locations in Miami Dade County and these outings spark many memories. She often hears wonderful stories about what these areas were like when residents were children. Residents return from these outings feeling a sense of belonging to the world.  These excursions are more than just driving through the area. The focus is on engaging conversation and connecting to the past.

Come and join us for an activity at assisted living at East Ridge at the Three Palms Health Center. Please call 305.256.3564 for a tour.