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A popular activity enjoyed by residents living in the memory care neighborhood at the Three Palms Health Center at East Ridge is a daily nature walk.

According to Constance Wooten, the activity director for the community, the unique tropical environment and secure grounds found at East Ridge make outdoor walking easily available. Time outside is o enjoyable and residents are eager to enjoy nature after breakfast.

There are many outdoor destinations within the community and small groups are accompanied by caregivers.  They’ll stroll the community’s meandering walkways or take advantage of East Ridge’s many spots with outdoor seating and shade.

“We find that the residents who are participating in this regular activity are calmer and less anxious throughout the day,” Wooten said.

This is supported by research.  A report cited by the New York Times found that exercise may bolster the brain function and thinking skills of people with dementia. Walking a few times per week might alter the trajectory of the disease and improve the physical well-being of people who develop age-related memory loss.

While East Ridge’s memory care neighborhood offers a secure interior courtyard, the varied routes the nature walkers take outdoors heighten their enjoyment.

“They truly enjoy watching the peacocks that stroll around East Ridge or the many squirrels,” she added. “Getting outdoors on a regular basis is an important step for our residents.  It helps them feel more relaxed and breaks up their daily routine. Many residents, prior to moving to the memory care community, were unable to participate in an activity like this. They are really thriving having these new opportunities available.”

To learn more about Memory Care at Three Palms Health Center in East Ridge, please call, 305.256.3564 for a tour.