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One of the many benefits found living in an assisted living community are opportunities to be engaged and have connections with others.

Each day at East Ridge Assisted Living, a variety of activities take place.

“Our residents can take advantage fitness programs, coffee socials, board games and frequent discussion and walking groups,” says Patricia Naraindutt,  Assisted Living Activities Coordinator.  “They can be as active as they like or choose something more relaxing.”

Our staff understands the world can be a lonely place, and no one feels that more acutely than seniors whose children may have dispersed to various places around the country or are busy with families of their own. Friends may not be close either, or have difficulty visiting.  The right assisted living community helps keep residents engaged, active and enjoying the company of others to fill this void.

While relaxing in front of the television is always an option, East Ridge Assisted Living offers residents a full calendar of activities — some casual and some fully organized — as well as opportunities to pursue their own interests.

“The key is to devise activities that inspire people to interact with others and get to know who their neighbors are,” she said. “We want to help our residents avoid the isolation they may have had where they were previously living. Socializing with others is so important.

Some activities are geared to stimulating memories. The community makes use of the innovative “It’s Never2Late” interactive touch screen technology which offers opportunities for sing-a-longs, travel videos, trivia and more.

“You can tell by the laughter and smiles, people are enjoying these experiences,” said Naraindutt. “Our seniors have stored up a lifetime of experiences and here is the perfect opportunity for them to share this accumulated knowledge with their peers.”

Having something enjoyable to do is the key to staving off boredom … and having pleasant friends to do it with is what alleviates loneliness.

To learn more about the activities available at East Ridge Assisted Living, arrange for a visit and perhaps include your loved one to see all the community has to offer.  To request a tour, simply call 305-256-3564.