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You are not alone.  Just as you’re there for your loved ones, there are lots of people experiencing precisely what you are going through.  To meet them and talk about common feelings and issues can mean all the difference when it seems difficult to cope.

At East Ridge’s assisted living community two different support groups offer both residents and families these opportunities to share their thoughts with others in similar situations.

“Here in assisted living we’re all about keeping families involved in the lives of our residents,” explains Patricia Naraindutt, activities coordinator for assisted living.  “A wonderful way to go about this is our support group, Family Circle, where family members can meet in a relaxed, friendly environment.  They can talk openly with those who also are going down this road and be validated when others share their same feelings.”

Comfortable and informal the Family Circle can help alleviate feelings of isolation and guilt among caregivers.  Here, together with those who have been making a similar effort, they can find common ground and reassurance that their loved one is now living in the best possible environment.

Those brought up with profound values of “family” often feel guilty when they must face the truth about a loved one’s ability to no longer live alone.  The transference between parent and child is quite difficult for some to accept.   To exchange ideas with others who share similar feelings can help someone realize what is the best course of action for their beloved family member.

There’s another group organized by East Ridge resident  Gary Sisler called “Can We Talk?” and invites residents to share their feelings and gain a new perspective on their life.

“We never know the direction a discussion may go, but people seem to enjoy sharing their thoughts and derive comfort talking together,” said Sisler.

For just about any issue, illness or life challenge, there is a local support group where people experiencing similar challenges share their perspective, offer encouragement and discuss solutions to specific problems.  On top of some valuable ideas and advice, support groups can help to counter the sense of being alone with these feelings.  The relief of knowing you’re not the only one can be enormous.

To learn more about support groups and other services available at East Ridge’s assisted living community, come and take a tour.  You can arrange this by simply calling 305.256.3564.