b'Vitality!SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | THE VILLAGE AT GAINESVILLE in Memory Support: Elevating the Experience. A t The Village, the Vitality Program isWith the insight and knowledge of a accessible to all residentsfrom thoseresidents flower identity, The Village team enjoying active retirement living to thosedevelops a personalized plan, incorporating living with memory loss. care and appropriate Vitality Program Residents of Laurel Square and Azalea Traceactivities, helping the resident bloom and at The Village experience unique memoryflourish.support that blends Vitality with the Botes Memory Method. The Botes Memory Method by Sira Botes redefines dementia care by focusing on everyone affected by memory lossthe residents, their families and the caregivers. This approach wraps arms of support around everyone involved, providing personalized care and meaningful activities for the residents, education and guidanceLearn more about for the families and advanced training for the staff.our memory support! A personalized assessment determines the residents highest, safest cognitive level and identifies that level as a flower in the Botes Memory Bouquet. For example, a Daisy is a ray of sunshine, and with the right tools and environment, a Daisy will engage in daily tasks and activities.11'