b'Get SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | EAST RIDGE AT CUTLER BAYOutside! 76 Acres Await. I f living cooped up in the middle of a cityAnd theres plenty to do inside, as well. block, high above the neighborhood,Work out in the fitness center. Gather in the surrounded by concrete, traffic and noisegame room for billiards, ping pong or cards. isnt your idea of fun, youve got to visit EastHave your hair done in the salon. Spend Ridge at Cutler Bay.time in the wood shop or creative arts studio.This truly is a hidden gem in the middle of Miami! Located on 76 acres of green space,At East Ridge, there are so many ways to East Ridge blends the beauty of nature withlive welland people with whom you can resort-style amenities to create a little bitshare the fun. of paradise away from the big city. Simply walk out the door of your one-story Villa or Garden Home, and its all right there. Give Our Lifestyle a Try!So, how will you spend your days? Youve got so many options! Take a leisurely strollCall 305-414-2815 today to schedule on the walking trails. Too slow for youra visit, lunch and golf cart tour taste? Hop on a bike or a scooter. Go foraround our beautiful community. a swim or soak up the rays by the pool. Find a quiet, cool spot in the promenade of over 200 palm trees and get lost in a good book or simply watch the birds. Theres a lot of species here to admireeven a flock of peacocks that make East Ridge home. Join the fun on the pickleball or bocce ball courts. Have a green thumb? Theres a greenhouse where you can play in the dirtA SantaFe Senior Living Communityto your hearts desire. 5'