b'CO Vt SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | THE VILLAGE AT GAINESVILLEI DHe roKii imreGbThe group even has a website called I n the best of times, senior living employees SeniorSawdust.com, showcasing their shopface unique challenges. They care for tools and machines, as well as the hand- a vulnerable population, many of whom crafted items for sale. require care and attention 24/7. When a Patricia has kept busy, too. A talentedglobal pandemic was added to our everyday seamstress, she and several other residentschallenges, our culture and resolve were tested have spent the last year making masks forlike never before, but our teams response was neighbors and associates. To date, theyveamazing, says Kim Giberti, RN, BSN, Senior sewn over 600 masks, and the communityDirector of Health Services at The Village at has appreciated their efforts and generosity. Gainesville.SantaFe Senior Living officials credit her for implementing a quick, proactive response that helped keep COVID-19 cases low at The Village.It was a team effort, says Kim. Literally everyonefrom leadership and management to housekeeping and food service personnel to hands-on caregiversdid a remarkable job ensuring our residents were safe and wellcared for.Each day, our staff put themselves and their families at risk, endured difficult conditions and worked exhaustive hours, yet their commitment was resolute. Our team deserves much kudos for their duty, bravery and determination. They are truly COVID heroes.My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of living here, says Terry. The caringThe Next Normal Is Near.support, the delicious food, were very pleasedKim agrees with experts that the COVID with life at The Village.vaccine is the most important step in returning And, says Terry, moving to The Village doesntto normalcy. Most Village residents have been mean you give up your independence. Itvaccinated, and the employee vaccination rate simply makes your lifestyle easier, he says.is above the national average. The community Its the trivial things. If a light bulb goes out,is safely welcoming new residents with COVID you call someone and they replace it for you.protocols and vaccine initiatives in place.If you have a doctors appointment, you dontWere unclear what normal looks like post-have to worry about driving and finding apandemic, Kim says. But we feel like the parking place. Someone picks you up, takesnext normal is nearand we cant wait!you, then brings you home. Were just really happy at The Village.11'