b'service, developing and creating programs for education, corporate dining and senior living clients. Better4UMaking Food Better Every Day for ResidentsWith this experience as her foundation, Krista joined SantaFeWell HouseSenior Living to deliver the mostServed Madeoptimal dining experiences possible.Her first step was bringing the three SantaFe SeniorResidentSANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | THE TERRACES AT BONITA SPRINGSLiving communities together operationally, developing systems to assure quality and consistency while allowing the chefs to createSeasonal, daily specials, regional fare andSafe Local and resident favorites. Florida Working collaboratively, the chefsFreshand Krista developed a databaseEnvironmentallyof tested, tasted and approvedAware and SantaFe recipes. When a residentResponsiblyenjoys excellent black bean chili,Sourcedthis system ensures that its going to be excellent again and again and again, says Krista.She developed a Culinary Promise that servesvegetables), serving Black Angus, Kobe as the roadmap for the culinary program. Aand American Wagyu beef, and offering 16 phased program, the Culinary Promise is onhomemade salad dressings.track to be fully in place by summer. When you try to make changes all at once, The Culinary Promise made its debut atits never successful, says Krista. Were The Terraces at Bonita Springs with Cookiebeing strategic and intentional, phasing Lam Flack, Director of Dining Services andchanges in over time.Jim Kahl, the chair of the Resident DiningThe Culinary Promise made an impact. Committee, providing essential feedback. Were seeing significant changes in resident The Culinary Promise has six pillars, includingsatisfaction scores, says Krista. Were giving House Made and Seasonal, Local and Floridadining a new meaning at SantaFe.Fresh. To date, changes include serving fresh vegetables (there are only about five frozen Experience the Culinary PromiseDelight in the cuisine created at The Terraces.Make a lunch reservation or request a bento box filled with delicious selections from our menu.Call 239-329-8891 or visit TasteTheTerraces.com13'