b'The son of a winemakerSavor aSANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | THE VILLAGE AT GAINESVILLEand restaurant owner, Chef Schlly has been cookingSignature Dish!since he was 14 years old.He trained at the Paul Bocuse Institute in France and hasScan the QR code for a been an executive chef for over 22 years, working allrecipe. Open the camera over the world. on your smartphone. After nine years as aHold your phone so that corporate chef for Ritz- the QR code appears in Carlton Hotels, overseeing hotel restaurants in Asia,the viewfinder. Tap the Africa and the South Pacific,notification to open the the U.S. Navy recruitedmenu link. Enjoy!Chef Schlly to work in Presidential Food Service.Throughout his 19-year tenure on The White House culinary staff, Chef Schlly served four sitting presidents: George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. There is no freezer, no food in bags or cans.Executive Chef Following his time at The White House, Chef Schlly retired to Florida. It was then The Village at Gainesville reached out. They understand Edwin Schlly food, food service and ethicsthey understand everything about food, says Chef Schlly. Thats Elevates why I took the job. I came in to elevate the food service.the Culinary All the food served at The Village is fresh and win S c h made in-house, says Chef Schlly. There is no E dl Experience. freezer, no food in bags or cans. We butcher our e f l y own fish and meat. We make our own dressings, h soups, stock and sauces. We stay true to who we C are and the people we serve.eviu t Taste the Difference!ce We invite you to indulge in the delicious food prepared by x Chef Schlly at The Village at Gainesville. Contact us today Eto schedule dinner in the new bistro or dining room in our newly renovated Center Pointe. Call 352-541-0022 or visit DinnerAtTheVillage.org9'