b'SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | EAST RIDGE AT CUTLER BAYS E RV I N G A P I L L A R O F ST R E N GT H . . .Locally GrownAnd Florida Fresh.T he SantaFe Senior Living communitieslifestyle, says Krista Adams, Corporate continue to roll out our Culinary Promise,Director of Culinary Excellence. Residents a six-pillar program developed to createare ready for the day after dining with us. exceptional dining experiences. The pillarsTheyll have the fuel, power and energy they include:need to live their best lives.House-Made Following the Seasonal, Local and Florida Seasonal, Local and Florida Fresh Fresh pillar, the produce is local and the food Environmentally Aware and Responsiblysupply is within 200 to 300 miles of each Sourced communityand all are in Florida.Better 4U The communities also host regular Farmers Safe Markets so residents have convenient access Well Served to fresh produce. East Ridge was the pioneer in SantaFes Farmers Markets, says Krista. With several pillars underway, the culinaryAt first, it was a seasonal event. Now every community hosts quarterly markets. teams are currently focusing on Better 4U.Better 4U creates healthier options for allAt East Ridge at Cutler Bay, our commitment meals, and one of the first of these menureaches beyond our residents. The Farmers options is being launched right now: raw bowls,Markets are open to everyoneresidents, including quinoa with avocado, snow peas,team members, family and the local shredded carrots and homemade dressing.community.With the Better 4U selections, residentsThe culinary experience at every SantaFe know which is a healthy option. SelectionsSenior Living community is exceptional may feature lower cholesterol, good fats andbecause of enticing seasonal menus, use of steamed vegetables. Food promotes a healthythe freshest local ingredients, and healthy Better 4U food options served in 5-star dining venues.View Our Recipes Take a Closer LookSchedule a community tourOnline!today by calling 305-414-2815 6 or take a virtual tour right now!'