b'Three Palms offers exceptional care on site. All levels of carewhether assisted living, memory support, respite care, home E B R A T I N health care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation or E L G60 anything in betweenare person-centered, C reflecting the health services centers efforts to create environments that promote better quality of life and choice. Examples include:S SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | EAST RIDGE AT CUTLER BAY All residents have choices, and each persons individual preferences are respected and valued.YServices are delivered at the convenience of REAthe resident, not at the convenience of staff. Private rooms offer a choice of design; each has its own private bathroom to maintain and Still Movingthe utmost dignity and respite rooms come completely furnished for short-term stays that can lead from Rehab to Residency.Forward.Residents dine when they choose to and select their meals from a varied menu. Above all, at Three Palms, a persons comfort is as important as their care. So, within every level of care, youll find an environment that blends top-quality services and amenities with high-quality staff.E ast Ridge at Cutler Bay is getting readyDiscoverto celebrate 60 years of providing exceptional lifestyles, care and service tothe Difference ofseniors in the Miami area. But just because the community is getting older doesntQuality Care. Discover mean it doesnt keep up with the times. Three Palms.To provide residents and all seniors in the Miami area with exceptional care choices,Interested in learning more?East Ridge built Three Palms. Located on site, this new state-of-the-art healthCall 305-414-2815 today to center offers assisted living, memoryschedule a visit.support, respite care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation in beautifully appointed settings that look and feel like home.7'