b'SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | THE VILLAGE AT GAINESVILLEFor the Morrows, The Village Wood WorkPerfectly.I n 2013, retired college professor TerryThe Village had a small woodworking shop Morrow and his wife, Patricia, were gettingwhen Terry arrived, but it didnt take long for tired of lawn work, maintenance and homehim to make some changes. He and other repairs. The thought of having meals availablewoodworking enthusiasts got together and and not having to cook every night was alsoprovided the funding to build a much larger very appealing. They found that The Villagefacility in 2016.at Gainesville offered the maintenance-freeToday, theres an active group of woodworkers and service-rich lifestyle they were looking for.who make two to three hundred items a year. But the most important reason they chose toWhile they make some items for themselves, move to the community waswoodworking. the majority of the wood crafts, including Im a woodworking fanatic, says Terry.cutting boards, pens, birdhouses and more, I wanted to find a place where I couldare sold to residents and associates and continue woodworking. featured in community bazaars. 10'