b'FPOIts BetterTo BeTwo Years SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | THE TERRACES AT BONITA SPRINGSEarly. Than One Minute Too Late.I n 2014, Bob and Susan Urich began talkingOne weekend morning, on the drive home about the future. Bob, a retired banker,from breakfast out, Bob and Susan passed and Susan, a retired English teacher, self- The Terraces. They liked the look of the described planning people, began lookingcommunity and stopped in. No salespeople at Continuing Care Retirement Communitieswere there, so they made an appointment to (CCRCs). But Bob wasnt sure if he was readycome back on a weekday.yet. On their return visit, they met with a very Then, as Bob says, stuff happens. In 2015,professional sales group, according to Bob. he was diagnosed with cancer and spent theThey talked, discussing a variety of issues, year undergoing treatment. Once recovered,then took a tour of the community. he became more aggressive in planning forWhen they were driving home, Bob asked the future.Susan, Whats different about this visit My mission in life is not to be a burden tofrom all the other communities weve our children, says Bob. I wanted to do thebeen touring? Susan immediately replied, planning to prevent that from happening.Everybody smiled. Bob agreed. Everyone 14'