b'FPO knew we were new to The Terraces.P atty Wilson, LPN, joined The Terraces in As they passed us throughout theJune 2020 as Resident Services Director community, everyone smiled and said,to assist independent living residents with any Welcome to The Terraces. We hope youneeds, but COVID-19 temporarily rewrote her enjoy your tour!job description.Intrigued, Bob and Susan returned toOne of her first responsibilities was to get a The Terraces for another tour. Bob justpicture of resident health and wellness during couldnt believe the friendliness was forCOVID isolation. Its Better real. Again, on the way home, Bob said,Quickly the rules changed, and the state Sue, do you know what just happenedmandated COVID testing for every private again? Everyone had a smile on theirduty caregiver, medical professional and To Be face. He laughed, Theres got to bevendor that entered The Terraces. Patty set something wrong here!up and managed the processes, ensuring testing compliance of those personnelTwo YearsThey looked at each other and decidedover 340 different individuals who visited SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | THE TERRACES AT BONITA SPRINGSit was time to sell the condo and makeon a weekly basis. Patty also assisted with their move. employee COVID testing.Early.It was an easy decision, says Susan.She also partnered with a local internal Everyone took time showing usphysician, Dr. Jimmy Liu, who provided on-exactly what it would be like to livesite rapid COVID testing for residents.there. Every time we visited, it just gotWithout knowing anything, we had to do better and better.everything possible, says Patty. It was It took a life scare, says Bob.challenging for everyone. But Im here to Everyone asked Why are you twoprotect the residents, and I had to ensure doing this? You dont look like youretheir wellness and safety.ready to be doing this! Because stuff happens. Id rather be two years earlyFighting for the Vaccinethan one minute too late. If somethingWhen the vaccine was announced, The happens, I want to know that myTerraces received notice that it would be wife and family are taken care of. Thegiven only to residents in long-term care, Terraces provided us with that kind ofskilled nursing and assisted living, not opportunity. independent living residents.Not on Pattys watch.She wrote to Governor DeSantis and Walgreenss Healthcare Supervisor for Southwest Florida, stating her case and pleading for vaccines for the independent living community. Walgreens agreed to provide vaccines to independent living residents.On January 13, her independent living residents received the vaccine. We were blessed to get it, says Patty. With the help of Patty and the rest of the C O team, The Terraces has been very successful in protecting their residents. We are here V to serve the residents, she says. Everything ID H weve done over the past year has been to e r protect them. n She continues, Were starting tooP ot ilsaW move toward normalcy and thats whatt ygives us hope. 15'