b'So, when the Resident Committee asked for aBring thePizza and Beer Night, Miguel made it happen. Flavor Home!That responsive, resident-centered dining experience was a commitment of Miguelseven before he joined the team at East Ridge. Scan the QR code for a SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | EAST RIDGE AT CUTLER BAYOn his initial visit to the community, Miguelrecipe. Open the camera on had the opportunity to meet with theyour smartphone. Hold your Resident Food and Beverage Committee. He talked with them about what they wantedphone so that the QR code in their dining services. I felt an immediateappears in the viewfinder. connection and wanted to provide that exceptional dining experience for them, saysTap the notification to open Miguel. the menu link. Enjoy!Hes been doing just thatand morefor East Ridge residents and associates, serving food with consistent quality and variety. Hes created therapeutic menus, a Healthy Body menu that features low-sugar, low-fat and low-salt food selections, and customizes meals to residents preferences. He also keeps the weekly menus varied and fresh, offering favorites and adding new options.We always have an open ear When Miguel joined East Ridge, he set out to for residents. create fun, engaging programs involving food. Working with local vendors, Miguel started the Farmers Market on campus. A variety of local produce is available for purchase by residents and associates. Everyone loves Farmers Market Day!Miguel also started an herb garden, inviting residents to help with the planting and tending of the herbs. The herbs are used in the dishes prepared in the kitchen. Its rvices Dir such a success, Miguel has his eyes set onS e ec t a vegetable garden next. There is so much n g o r space here at East Ridge; its perfect for a n i vegetable garden, he says. D is , ka r Join us for lunch!P leu If you would like to sample the menu at g East Ridge for yourself, call 305-414-2815 iM or visit LunchAtEastRidge.com for alunch reservation! 5'