b'SANTAFE SENIOR LIVING | EAST RIDGE AT CUTLER BAY This Was the Best Decision I Ever Made.Kathy, Gary and FranA bout seven years ago, Gary Sisler wasEvery day I get up at six and walk two becoming concerned about his ability tomiles, then swim for a half hour, says Gary. cook for himself. He had heard a rumor thatThats my morning activity.the food at East Ridge at Cutler Bay was veryThe rest of the day is busy, too. Gary started good, so he followed that inclination. the popular Aerobie toss (like a large Frisbee), That was the beginning of a very active,gathering a group of enthusiasts twice a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. week. He revived the sport of Bocce in the A man of diverse interests, Gary is involvedcommunity. A group of residents play Bocce with the Veterans at East Ridge, hostingtwice a week. Its a lot of fun, he says. He a monthly meeting and supporting andalso plays darts every week.recognizing the Veterans in a variety of ways.But perhaps Gary is most well-known for his He also created a resident forum titled Jiblove of kayaking.Jab, sharing discussions with experts heWe had tried kayaking a few times, he says, invites to participate.but the trouble with kayaking is the size and When theres fun and activity going on, youthe weight of the boat.can find him in the middle of it all.6'