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The decision to retire can be difficult. Should you move closer to family? How can you make your savings go further? What are you looking for in your new home? Below are a few reasons why we think Florida can be the answer to all of your questions.

Year-Round Sunshine

For those of you have endured brutal Midwestern or Northern winters, you may be ready for an extended break from the cold. Florida, in the summer months, has an average high temperature of 81 degrees with an annual low of 60 degrees. (CHECK AP STYLE)

Money Goes Further

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement and the best retirement options are those that allow your money to go further. In Florida, retirement income and Social Security benefits are not taxed. Additionally, there is no estate or inheritance tax.

As an added incentive, Florida has a relatively low cost of living. If you make the Sunshine State home, you could do other things with your money like travel, spend it on family, or give it to a charity that is important to you.

Permanent Vacation Destination

You’ll need to ask friends and family to stop visiting! With the convenient proximity to the ocean and amusement parks like Walt Disney World, Legoland, Busch Gardens and Sea World, activities are endless.

“Let’s visit Grandma and Grandpa” has never sounded so good!

Where Should You Call Home?

In the later years of life, it’s important to enjoy your time doing the activities you love with the people you care about. At The Terraces in Bonita Springs, we provide both at your convenience. We allow you to “expect the best” all the time from our chef-prepared meals, Vitality Program, Lifecare services and a continuum of care. We provide a maintenance-free lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy the best of Bonita Springs, Fla.

Chef-Prepared Meals

Enjoy a variety of fresh cuisine, prepared daily from “your personal chef” and served by a responsive culinary staff dedicated to providing the best dining experience, every day.

Our culinary team has perfected a unique culinary style focused on simple, clean flavors with high-quality food and locally grown produce.

Vitality Program

Fitness is important at every age and it is never too late to get active. At The Terraces at Bonita Spring, you can benefit from a full-time fitness coordinator with our Vitality Program. Whether you are new to fitness or have an established routine there are plenty of ways to get involved in intellectual, physical, social and spiritual health.

Learn more about our fitness programs.

Lifecare and a Continuum of Care

You’ve spent your life planning for retirement. Lifecare allows you to feel secure in your decision to call The Terraces at Bonita Springs home. Health care can be unpredictable, but Lifecare allows you to plan and pay for guaranteed care in the event your health changes.

Offering a continuum of care in assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support and rehabilitation, you can receive the care you need under one roof. Customized care plans are available to support whatever level of care you require.

We’re Here to Help

Our Florida roots are strong for a reason. With year-round sunshine, financial benefits and unlimited activities, the move to Florida is an easy one to make, but where to call home can be difficult. At The Terraces at Bonita Springs, we are here to help in every step of the process.