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Pump the tires? Yes! Jump the battery? Of course! Bring the groceries up or the luggage down? Absolutely! At The Terraces at Bonita Springs, valet service means so much more than simply bringing the car around.

Valet Gary Schuler sparkles with fun and humor when he shares information and anecdotes about The Terraces’ wonderful team of seven valets. The Shenandoah Valley native clearly loves the position he has held since last June, imbuing everything he does with the residents’ happiness and comfort in mind. He emphasizes safety as the number one priority, closely followed by the need to get each resident’s car as quickly and efficiently as possible. In between, Gary adds a few jokes or gentle teasing to bring out a smile. But make no mistake – Gary explains that he by no means does this alone – this is a team effort, and each and every valet at The Terraces is passionate about providing extraordinary service for residents and visitors alike.

“When it comes time to help one of our residents tweak their iPhone, it’s one of our college-age valets who steps in,” says Gary. “I myself can’t spell GPS.”

The valets’ service extends beyond The Terraces front doors. They are often called upon to drive residents to medical appointments, a stop by the bank or to church on Sunday.

For visitors to The Terraces, valets will either park and retrieve their cars or take them by golf cart if they have parked off premises. When things get busy due to a special event, they look forward to meeting and greeting visitors, creating a welcoming first impression for newcomers, and setting the tone for the warm hospitality within.

Gary explains that the team is extremely organized and has created their own system, overseen by their great supervisor, Pete. They work together seamlessly, all with the same mission in mind: making the residents feel safe, comfortable and happy.

As Gary says, “My favorite part is to meet and greet each person as they come in. All the residents and staff here have been so nice. The fun part is putting a smile on their face and brightening up their day. That’s why we do this – we’re having fun and hopefully adding a little happiness along the way.”