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Dog Park in Cutler Bay, Florida Community

Dogs are both man and woman’s best friend. They greet us when we return home. They cuddle with us on sick days and run along with us on our best days. It makes sense that more and more people are requiring the communities they live in to be pet-friendly.  Our team at East Ridge has gone above and beyond to create a pet-friendly community.

Four-legged friends are welcome in East Ridge at Cutler Bay. Our members enjoy access to vast outdoor spaces and amenities in our 76-acre community. The natural beauty at East Ridge proudly carries nationwide environmental status as a Wildlife Refuge from the National Wildlife Foundation.  These pet-friendly spaces are for members and their dogs to enjoy on a leash together.  However, visit our community and you will see our dog park, the “Bark Park”, is the most popular spot for mingling and wagging tails with friends off leash.  

Bark Park Dog Park Dog Park Florida Fox Terrier

Opened in late 2001 and known as the “Bark Park”, the area has become a social gathering spot for dog owners. The park has a wonderful history. Tag Marvel and her husband, Bill, moved to East Ridge in 2001. They wanted a fenced dog park for their high energy fox terrier, “Buddy”. She found a vacant lot in the community and raised money for a fence. The community’s Town Council approved the idea and provided matching funds.  

There are no off-leash dog parks in Cutler Bay, Florida. However, there are a variety of other dog parks or pet-friendly parks for you to enjoy. The Miami-Dade Parks Department has a comprehensive list of pet-friendly parks they manage.


National Dog Week

As we near the  90th observance of National Dog Week, on Sept. 24-30, it is important to note the benefits of pet ownership for seniors that are well documented. Benefits include companionship and protection but also a healthier outlook on life.

Encouraging and providing opportunities for everyday wellness is a foundational value of our community. Celebrating observances like National Dog Week with our members is one of the ways we continue to foster values of wellness through social activities. We also honor other dimensions of wellness like nutrition coaching and healthy, convenient, meal options.  

“Studies show that seniors with dogs go to the doctor less from minor health issues,” was a recent headline from the national Pet Partners organization. “They even have lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, compared to non-pet owners.”

“Singles increasingly turn to pets for a sense of family,” headlined a report by the American Veterinary Medical Association, documenting an “impressive” 16.6% gain in single person ownership traced over a five-year period.


Pet-Friendly Community

Enjoy the Bark Park dog park and meandering walking paths. These two amenities help to make East Ridge at Cutler Bay a pet-friendly community.  We welcome pets with open arms, treats, and a head scratch. Our team understands new life plan community members would not be willing to or even consider giving up their dog, and we wouldn’t ever ask them to!

“We’ve been a pet-friendly community for many years,” said Ken Cormier, the community’s executive director. “We recognize how much dogs and cats are part of the family.  As long as someone can care for their pet, they are welcomed.”

The companionship that pets provide also seems to motivate seniors to get more involved inDog Park Florida

daily activities and socializing.  

“East Ridge’s meandering roads and walkways are perfect for walking a dog. Residents find it’s the perfect way to break the ice in meeting neighbors.

“Many residents share their beloved pets and often take them to visit at the East Ridge’s Three Palms Health Center,” added Cormier. “The dogs are lavished with attention and nothing could be better”

To learn more about East Ridge or to visit our dog park, give us a call or complete the Contact Us form.