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Each month the activity calendar at East Ridge for assisted living residents is filled with opportunities for exercise.

According to Wellness Coordinator, Suzana Delgado residents are encouraged to participate regardless of their age or physical strength.  “Regular exercise is good for your mind, mood and memory,” she said.

“Our programs are geared to getting people moving since physical activity is so important to health and wellness.  There is a direct correlation between exercise and feeling better.  Exercise helps someone feel sharper, more energetic and have a greater sense of wellbeing.”

We know that starting an exercise program is a challenge for any age.  If someone has exercised before moving to assisted living, they are more comfortable continuing exercising. Convincing someone who has never exercised to try a class is more challenging,” she explained.

“We try to help our residents learn how to begin exercising by reassuring them they are never too old or frail. Classes are geared to helping someone gain confidence,” she added.

A concern that exercise puts someone at risk of falling is understandable but fall risk can actually be reduced with regular exercise.  Someone builds strength and stamina with exercising which prevents the loss of bone mass and improves balance, flexibility, and mobility.

Residents needing walkers or are chair-bound are encouraged to lift light weights, stretch and do chair aerobics.  It’s just important to start off gently.

“For people who say they are too old, our motto is you are never too old.  We have residents who are amazed by their physical improvement when they start exercising.

Oh, weekends the class “Sit and Be Fit”.