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For so many years, the senior living dining landscape was characterized by stuffy, formal dining rooms, limited choices and a fairly static menu. Then came the Baby Boomers.

“The Baby Boomers are redefining what senior living means just as they redefined society during their younger years,” says Michelle Wasserlauf, Executive Director at The Terraces at Bonita Springs, the only Life Plan Community for senior living in the Bonita Springs area. “Today’s seniors want choice, independence, versatility and high-quality. In other words, they want today’s dining landscape to be designed for their wants and desires – and not a cookie-cutter experience that they are forced to adopt.”


That idea of a remarkable dining experience is what inspired the culinary landscape at The Terraces at Bonita Springs.

“Here, you’ll find an ever-changing variety of dishes and cuisines, fresh and local ingredients, attentive associates and an amazing atmosphere,” says Michelle. “Our award-winning Executive Chef, Briham Martin, and his culinary team are wizards in the kitchen and serve up magnificent creations three times a day. Our residents really feel like they have a personal chef on staff just for them.”

Residents can enjoy exactly what they want, when they want it. Whether that’s a quick bite for lunch or a luxurious, four-course meal with friends, the culinary team at The Terraces is always happy to oblige. And, of course, they’re always willing and able to address any specific nutritional needs or accommodate personal tastes.

“We want you to love life at The Terraces, and mealtime plays a big part in that,” says Michelle. “Whether you want elegance in our restaurant-style dining room or a casual meal in our bistro, you’ll have just the dining experience you’re looking for. Don’t forget about our private dining room, which is perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and family parties.”

Here are some of the top trends that are reinventing dining in the senior living space:

Experienced culinary staffs. Today’s seniors have traveled the world, are highly educated and understand the choices that are available outside their immediate community. They’ve lived through the globalization of the food landscape and have been exposed to meals, ingredients and preparation styles from every country. Plus, they believe that senior living is an experience to be savored – their chance to be waited upon and given the opportunity to live life the way they want. At The Terraces, our executive chef Briham Martin has an extensive resume outside of senior living dining, and tutors his staff in the trendiest and most in-demand dining options.

A focus on experience. Today’s seniors don’t want to just eat a meal. And they don’t want to just dine out, either. Instead, they view food and dining as an experience, and they expect that to extend to senior living. They also want that personal touch – think of it as the “country club experience.” At The Terraces, we offer exquisite and upscale dining with white tablecloths, attentive servers and an extensive (and customizable) menu in our main dining venue. We also have a bistro for more casual options – allowing our residents to choose the experience they want.

Healthy and delicious foods. There has been a lot of focus on using food – specifically, eating the right foods – to help shape health and wellness for the senior population. Senior living communities are, first and foremost, concerned with the health and wellness of their residents and do everything they can to help them age well and live the best possible life as they get older. With that in mind, dining options at senior living communities focus on fresh ingredients and in-house preparation, eschewing additives and preservatives and constantly adapting diets and offerings based on nutritional best practices.

Anytime dining. Gone are the days when senior living residents gathered to eat all at the same time, only at certain hours. Today, senior living communities like The Terraces place a focus on independence and choice when it comes to food offerings. Not only are dining venues open longer, but they’re also offering 24-hour food service options with snack carts, grab-and-go options and others. The Terraces offers a variety of options for our residents so that they’re able to eat when they want. We’re also incredibly flexible when it comes to doorside delivery, tweaking our offerings … really, anything that relates to giving the best possible experience to our residents.

“Dining at The Terraces is like everything else at our amazing senior living community … it’s a luxurious, elegant and vibrant experience that elevates senior living to the best lifestyle possible,” says Michelle. “Our goal is for you to have a beautiful retirement, and presenting the finest dining experience is part of that. We invite you to come visit us, enjoy a meal with us and meet our culinary staff. We promise that you’ll be blown away by what you find here.”


About The Terraces at Bonita Springs

Recreation, special events, holiday celebrations, educational programs, guest speakers, and a variety of inspiring activities take place throughout the year at The Terraces at Bonita Springs as part of the community’s active lifestyle programs. The Terraces is the only Life Plan Community for senior living in the Bonita Springs area. Living choices include independent living, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. All levels of care, including assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory support, are open for direct admittance, with no entrance fee.

For more information, visit or call 239-221-8907.