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Today’s seniors are living longer than previous generations and are more committed to maintaining healthy lifestyles that engage multiple dimensions of their lives. They are entering independent living communities at a younger age with an interest in preserving and even increasing their independence.

Senior living communities like The Village at Gainesville are leaders in this shift from reactive care to proactive wellness.

Here are five common trends that create an environment where seniors thrive

1. Clear, personalized plans for improved and sustained health

There are, of course, some lifestyle choices that are good for everyone. But since the health conditions, fitness goals, and dietary needs of seniors vary widely, a customized approach can more efficiently meet the needs of residents.

A younger resident, for instance, might be an avid runner and need some help with a recovery method and diet plan to sustain their activity. An older resident may need help finding a low-impact exercise program that they are able to participate in without putting too much strain on their joints.

Your needs and goals may also shift and change over time. Therefore, it’s important for you to have access to a personalized health plan that considers your goals and health care needs in its implementation. Whether you need a specialized diet, a focused mental health plan or a training schedule to increase mobility, an individualized plan can increase health benefits.

This is why the Vitality Program at The Village at Gainesville is so effective. Beginning with a health and wellness assessment of the resident, we design a unique Vitality Plan that suits their individual needs and goals. From there, we offer a variety of personalized wellness recommendations, along with the amenities and services to implement them. Then, we offer monthly reviews of the plan with the expressed goal of promoting continued participation and progress.

2. Lifelong learning opportunities

Healthy people, young and old, never stop learning. In a 2015 paper, The International Council on Active Aging® suggests mentally stimulating activities can prevent cognitive decline in seniors.

As senior living communities adopt a more holistic approach to wellness, residents have access to diverse educational opportunities that keep minds sharp and malleable. Younger seniors who have recently ended their careers are often experts in their field and are often used to a fast-paced work environment. Having access to learning opportunities in their retirement can help keep them connected to this part of their life.

At The Village at Gainesville, we offer residents a full calendar of planned activities and learning environments, like our library, computer learning center and reading room.

3. A variety of health and fitness options

Diet and exercise are obvious aspects of wellness. So it’s no surprise that retirement communities are constantly expanding the ways older adults can maintain and improve their physical health.

At senior living communities like The Village at Gainesville, you will find:

  • Various fitness classes
  • Health and fitness centers with trainers
  • Heated outdoor pools and a hot tub
  • A culinary team that meets residents’ dietary needs

4. On-site health care centers

Continued health must include essential medical care and access to physicians to provide preventative and diagnostic care. While some retirement communities will coordinate your off-site care and provide transportation to medical appointments, there is a burgeoning trend to bring the care on site.

In this scenario, care providers are available to residents at a community health care center, providing outpatient services, rehabilitation and therapies. Not only is this convenient for residents, but it also ensures continuity of care as your needs change.

At The Village at Gainesville, you’ll find:

  • On-site primary care services
  • An on-site physical therapy office
  • On-site physician services
  • Clinical home health care nursing services
  • A walk-in clinic staffed by a licensed nurse

5. Opportunities for socialization

If anything has been learned from the prolonged quarantine during the COVID pandemic, it’s that social connection is vital to our health and happiness. It probably does not surprise you to learn that strong social ties can prolong one’s life and can be key to one’s happiness.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of retirement community life is the tremendous opportunity to build and foster connections with others in the same stage of life. Social gatherings are built into your daily life, with group dining opportunities, interest groups and accessible outdoor activities.

A Wellness Approach at The Village at Gainesville

As you can see, The Village at Gainesville serves residents with a customized wellness model aimed at increasing the quality of life. The Village offers independent living, assisted living and memory support to meet your present and anticipated needs. We help you navigate the healthcare continuum, both within our community and with off-site providers. Contact us today to see how we help our residents thrive!