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Sporting events, friendship, lifelong learning, social events, and community involvement: These are just a taste of what you’ll find when you retire near a college campus.

At The Village at Gainesville, residents and their families appreciate the excitement and opportunity that’s found within just a few steps of our senior living community – Santa Fe College – and also within a few miles of our community at the University of Florida.

Did you know that retiring near a college or university comes with even more benefits than just being part of the action? We share all the details below, including why it’s important for seniors to remain active and why living in Gainesville makes for a more enjoyable retirement.

Why is an active lifestyle important for seniors?

Retirement doesn’t have to mean slowing down. In fact, many of the residents at The Village can’t wait to join in on the countless university-based opportunities around them. 

Living an active lifestyle is great for seniors for many reasons, including:

  • Improved physical fitness
  • Improved cardiovascular and bone health
  • Boosted brain health, which helps prevent the development of dementia
  • The ability to better combat loneliness and depression

Retiring in a college town can help make all of these benefits achievable.

The top three benefits of retiring in a college town

First things first: What is a college town? The American Institute for Economic Research defines a college town as “a location with a college or university as a central part of the community and fewer than 250,000 residents.”

The Village is located less than seven miles west of the University of Florida in the city of Gainesville, which has a population of about 140,000. Why is this so beneficial for retirees? Here are three reasons:

Access to university health care.

Along with the full continuum of on-site care provided at our senior living community, residents are also in close proximity to University of Florida Health (UF Health). Not only are university-based medical facilities well-equipped, but they’re also usually on the cutting edge of research and health technology. In fact, UF Health has recently developed a strategy to repair the genetic causes of ALS and dementia using RNA. 

These continuous efforts allow seniors to be surrounded by the best care, inside and outside of our community.

Learning programs geared toward older adults.

College isn’t just for the twenty-somethings. Older adults who retire in Gainesville enjoy tailgating for the big game, attending live music and theater productions, mingling at cultural events, and even auditing classes at the University of Florida. Experiencing something new shouldn’t have to stop just because you’re retired.

Santa Fe College has historically been a wonderful partner of our community as well. Residents are able to attend classes there, or oftentimes, Santa Fe will bring classes and special performances to us.

Exceptional value for the cost of living.

Whether you decide to rent or own your new home in Gainesville, the cost of retirement in such a bustling, youthful city is worth the move. At The Village, we provide scheduled transportation to and from UF’s campus so you can continue to experience vibrant, youthful living and become a part of the greater community.

How residents have fun at the University of Florida

The events in Gainesville, Florida, never stop and are always pleasurable. Here are just some of the ways residents in our community benefit from our relationship with UF:

  • Attending guest lectures from faculty members
  • Volunteering for campus food drives
  • Wearing orange and blue for sporting events
  • Singing along with acapella groups and more wonderful activities

See what’s coming up at UF and how you can get involved.

Plan for a fun and fulfilling retirement at The Village.

With the University of Florida just minutes away from our senior living community, it’s easy to find exciting events to participate in. Our active lifestyle is all about worry-free living and providing residents with experiences that ignite a spark into each day. Retiring in Gainesville is the perfect way to bond with fellow neighbors, show off your Gator pride, and find new ways to feel young. Learn more.