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Tech and seniors don’t seem like something that makes sense, n’est-ce pas? However, today’s grandparents are not your yesterday’s grandparents – and they’re adopting technologies faster than you can say boo. 

Amazon has risen to the challenge, providing a variety of options to help older adults live safely in their homes while providing peace of mind for family members. Read on to learn more about Amazon Echo and the additional services that Amazon can provide to seniors and their families.

What Is Amazon Echo, Which Utilizes Alexa?

For many caregivers of older adults, there are significant concerns that can come from living as an individual to living independently. Did your loved one take the right medication at the right time? Did they lock the doors when it’s time to sleep? Are they eating the right foods? Fortunately, Amazon Echo and Alexa can assist.

The Amazon Echo is a line of devices that are designed to help individuals manage their lifestyles in a streamlined, easy-to-manage way. The device itself is a product about the size of a flower vase, making it easy to position in an unobtrusive way. Inside the device is Alexa – an artificial intelligence – that takes actions based on your commands. 

How Can Amazon Echo Help Seniors

There are seemingly countless ways that the Amazon Alexa app can help seniors design a lifestyle that provides the most benefits to them. Here are just a few of the ways that the Alexa device can help older adults live their best possible retirement lifestyles. 

1. “Alexa, Play Music!”

Overwhelmingly, seniors who use Alexa use it to help develop playlists to make life easier. For example, you can ask Alexa to provide a hands-free virtual assistant to play the type of music that makes your heart soar. Or, you can set up smart speakers to enjoy your favorite playlists without coordinating radio stations, CDs, or other music venues. 

2. Turning On Smart-Home Devices

Alexa can handle not only voice commands but also voice-activated demands that help older adults live their best lifestyle possible. Want to make sure your lights dim and/or turn off when the timing is right? Maybe you’re looking for options that help you live your senior lifestyle in a smoother, more beneficial way? Alexa Echo Dot and Alexa Voice commands can help manage the details so that you can focus on creating the lifestyle you want.

3. Medication Reminders 

Making sure that you or a loved one are taking medication at the right time is essential for maintaining a high quality of life. Alexa for seniors can set reminders that help older adults stay on top of their medication, which help them live the healthiest and best-possible schedule for their health and wellness. It can also remind you about upcoming appointments or events in your calendar!

4. Video Calls

The newest iteration of Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Show, pairs the Alexa technology with a screen, making video calls easier than ever. Video calls are a great way for older adults to stay in touch with loved ones (especially young grandchildren who will enjoy the interactivity that Alexa provides). 

Alexa Together for Seniors

One of the most important parts of a loved one’s job is to monitor the well-being and physical health of their older loved one. Exercise, diet, and overall lifestyle play a huge part in making sure a senior is a happy, healthy, and thriving person. Diet, exercise, and medication all play a vital role in making sure that older adults are happy and healthy. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 40% of emergency visits can be mitigated by just paying attention and monitoring a few medications for seniors.

Caregivers of older adults can keep their loved ones safe by setting medication reminders through Alexa Together and other online-focused devices. Whether an individual wants to be sure of their loved one as medication reminders, a stocked shopping list, or other reminders, Alexa can help make sure that the caregiver and senior have everything they need to thrive.

The Benefits of Alexa for Senior Living

At East Ridge at Cutler Bay, we’re proud of the fact that we use all  the necessary technology to help our residents live healthy, happy, active, and engaged lives. 

Technologies like those found through Alexa Together and Alexa Call help older adults and their families live active, independent lives with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, if assistance is needed, state-of-the-art technologies can help provide the best possible lifestyle no matter what. 

Experience All That Technology Has To Offer at East Ridge at Cutler Bay.

When you consider how technology has evolved over the years and how a Life Plan Community can help you save money and preserve peace of mind – you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose our carefree lifestyle sooner. 

East Ridge at Cutler Bay allows residents to live on their own terms and feel at peace with financial security and the reassurance of future health care services. Our knowledgeable marketing counselors welcome your questions about our community and our contracts. Call us today at 305-290-2346, and let us answer your questions.