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Over the course of a decade, our Life Plan Community in Bonita Springs, Florida, has grown right alongside the wonderful associates and residents who call this place home – and we couldn’t be more thankful.

This year, we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary in style. We recently hosted two celebrations – the first of which was hosted for residents in the Renaissance at The Terraces with more than 60 residents from assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation, that provided an evening full of gourmet meals and live entertainment. This grand event was followed by festivities for those in independent living.

A grand night for celebrating 

Resident Jo Ann Vogel, who lives at The Terraces at Bonita Springs with her husband Bud, will soon be celebrating their 10-year move-in anniversary in October and can’t praise the community enough for how much joy and support the community brings to its residents. She very much enjoyed herself at the recent celebrations and says the grand events are still being talked about amongst her and her friends.

“The 10-year anniversary celebration was an elegant, well-done event. It was decorated beautifully, and we enjoyed a seafood buffet that began in the lobby, followed by a delicious surf and turf dinner with a live band (41 South) and dancing. I appreciate the effort the associates put into this event,” said Jo Ann.

The event also had speakers, from original residents sharing their favorite parts about the community, to Dr. Feldman, one of our first charter members, Ron Jennette, President and COO of SantaFe Senior Living, to Michele Wasserlauf, Executive Director, to Jenna Drese, The Terraces’ Senior Living Transition Specialist, who shared history and milestones the community has achieved over the last decade. Residents were able to take home a silver 10-year anniversary engraved picture frame to place their event photo.

terraces at bonita springs 10 year ice sculpture

A history of caring for others 

Jenna actually began her tenure at this location in 2009 when it was in development with Greystone Communities, well before The Terraces’ building was constructed. She became an employee of The Terraces in 2015 when the community was completed and highly occupied.

Her time at the community has been met with many joys. She loves problem-solving for new residents, helping them make their new homes custom designed and comfortable just to their liking. Each day is different, which brings a great deal of variety and excitement to her role, too.

“I could be taking reservations or preparing for an upcoming event, helping a new resident choose their selected options to customize their residence, touring interested prospects in assisted living, and helping a new resident move in and get acclimated to their new community. It’s my job to make sure everyone’s needs are met and that residents are happy,” said Jenna.

What does Jenna think is the biggest change The Terraces has undergone in the last 10 years? “The revamping of the community post-COVID-19. We went from closed dining rooms, mobile happy hours, and to-go meals to a complete reopening and refresh of restaurant-style dining options with even better menu items than before, plus new opportunities for social events and entertainment.”

terraces at bonita springs residents at the 10 year anniversary part

Dr. and Mrs. Ed & Julia O’Brien

How residents benefit from our community

Jo Ann continued with her appreciation and excitement for life at The Terraces – feelings that she experiences every day. “I’m proud of this place. We work together like a support network, and our lives are better because of it.”

She understands the importance of community and experienced it firsthand after she broke her leg and needed to utilize The Terraces’ rehabilitation center. “All my husband and neighborhood friends had to do was walk over to visit me. The associates provided everything I needed, and I couldn’t have asked for more or better care,” she says.

At The Terraces, residents’ overall health and well-being are enhanced by a true sense of belonging. Jo Ann adds that ever since she moved in, this is right where she wants to be. “The quality of life is fantastic. There are so many activities to do, and everyone focuses on health and wellness. The Terraces has family, fun, beauty, and care all under one roof.”

Discover a retirement community in Bonita Springs that celebrates each day

For the future, Jenna, Jo Ann, and other members of the community hope that the new residents who move in will enjoy our lifestyle, all the special services and amenities and the peace of mind of knowing that if they ever need long-term care, they will be well taken care of. Whether it’s independent living, assisted living, memory support, or other health services, you can count on us for support for the next ten years and beyond.