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When you and your spouse retire, you may wonder what you want the next chapter of your lives to look like. For many couples, moving to a senior living community provides a group of peers, fun activities and amenities, and wellness programs that promote healthy aging and living well.

Life Plan communities, also known as continuing care retirement communities, are a popular senior living option for couples because they can offer the most peace of mind because you have access to a continuum of care. As your needs change, you can move to a higher level of care within your community, like assisted Living,  and stay close to your spouse.

East Ridge at Cutler Bay is a Life Plan community in Cutler Bay, Florida. With different levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and more, couples can move in knowing their long-term care options are covered if needed.

“A huge benefit of living in a Life Plan community is you know ahead of time what will happen when needs change,” said Director of Sales and Marketing Marco Gonzalez.

Learn more about the benefits of assisted living for couples in a Life Plan Community and how this option can provide you with the retirement you can enjoy with your spouse.

senior couples sitting down to enjoy brunch together Assisted Living for Couples: The Options

Assisted living supports older adults who don’t need the care of a nursing home, but do need help with daily tasks that contribute to a functional and high-quality life. These daily tasks are known as ADLs, activities of daily living. They include:

  • Eating
  • Bathing/grooming
  • Dressing
  • Using the bathroom
  • Mobility/ambulating

You’ll receive the help you need to complete these ADLs so you can continue to thrive in your daily life. But how does this apply to living options for couples in a senior living community?

East Ridge at Cutler Bay provides a few options for couples. “If you or your spouse need assisted living care, you can transition easily into one of our beautiful assisted living suites. You can stay living together in the new assisted living area, or one of you can transition, and the other can remain in independent living. When that happens, you can still spend time together every day, go to activities, and enjoy dining together,” said Marco.

The dining for independent living and assisted living at East Ridge are right next to each other, making it easy for couples to meet for meals and make plans for how they want to spend their day. You can find out more about the differences between independent living and assisted living here.

How Couples Can Receive Different Care

When you move into a senior living community, you’ll meet with staff who will assess your medical needs and what you need to be as healthy as possible. The same will happen with your spouse. For example, if one of you has a chronic condition, the care team will create a plan to treat that condition.

The same process will occur if your health needs or your spouse’s change. You may notice one of you needs more assistance with ADLs. In this case, the care team will assess where you need support and make those changes to your care plan. This can result in moving to assisted living to receive that care.

“Life Plan Communities provide the security of knowing what your future will be while still providing flexibility and options for you and your spouse to lead an active life,” said Marco.

Does Assisted Living Cost More for Couples?

There are a few factors to consider when figuring the average cost of assisted living. If you’re living in a two-bedroom apartment with your spouse, then that will cost more than a couple living in a one-bedroom apartment in an assisted living community.

While you may think you need as much space as possible, moving into a one-bedroom apartment could be a great decision that not only saves money but also helps you “rightsize” your life. Living a life free of clutter in a tidy and personalized space that reflects your taste will give you a refreshing start each morning and a welcoming space to return to at night.

Consider all of the communal space and opportunities available in your community. You’re moving to a community to take advantage of all the social opportunities, amenities, and services, and to see all the community has to offer. You may find that you’re not going to spend that much time in your apartment–not when there are so many fun activities and events happening each day.

At East Ridge, you can enjoy:

  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Weekly light housekeeping
  • Maintenance-free living

As a couple, you can meet new furry friends at the dog park, take a swim in the heated outdoor pool, go for a stroll on the walking paths, check out books from the library, book an appointment at the beauty salon, and enhance your fitness at the wellness center.

Another important aspect that sets assisted living at East Ridge apart from other Life Plan communities is it’s open to the general public. This means an entrance fee is not required. An entrance fee is an up-front cost that residents pay upon moving into a senior living community.

If you do come into assisted living under a LifeCare contract with your spouse, there are still opportunities for savings. With a LifeCare contract, there are substantial savings as you aren’t paying for two separate residences. You’ll also have the added value of the contract knowing your entrance fee covers your access to the continuum of care if and when you need it.

If you’re looking to move into an assisted living community where you’ll get the care you need and can lead an engaging and fulfilling life, East Ridge at Cutler Bay is here for you.

Couples Are Welcome at East Ridge at Cutler Bay

If your spouse needs additional help, you’ll want to be sure you’re by their side, too. Fortunately, life at East Ridge makes it possible for couples to get all the care they need, even when those needs are different.

At East Ridge, hospitality is a cornerstone of our culture. No matter where you reside in our community, our staff is here to support you with compassion and to make you feel proud to call East Ridge your home. Call us at 305-290-2346 to schedule a tour of our vibrant assisted living residences.