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Life and vitality are always on the forefront at The Terraces at Bonita Springs. As part of a continuing educational series on health and lifestyle, Dr. Samira Beckwith, president and CEO of Hope Healthcare Services, facilitated an informative and lively discussion about her organization and their role in the community. Resident Marjorie Rubacky helped coordinate the speaker and the event.

Introduced by resident Dr. Del Booher, M.D., Dr. Beckwith shared a wealth of information about the many services provided by Hope – a scope that goes way beyond hospice care.

She explained more about Hope Palliative Care, Home Health Care, and an amazing staff who offer kind, compassionate care throughout our community to improve the quality and comfort of life.

Dr. Beckwith says, “Life is a journey starting with birth as a time of joy and celebration. And for every stage of life, we have to figure out the best care possible for the person at that time in his or her life.”

Another topic of discussion was the importance of planning in advance, and expressing one’s wishes to his or her family. As a result, everything will go more smoothly and not in crisis mode.

Ending on an uplifting note, Dr. Beckwith stressed that the ultimate goal is to allow people to live as fully as possible. Hope Healthcare is all about giving quality time and compassionate care, and to open the lines of communication between loved ones, encouraging important conversations to take place openly and in advance of a crisis.

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