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When visitors tour The Village at Gainesville, they often want to know how they’ll be spending their time as new residents at a senior living community. The most truthful answer is that residents here spend their time however they like!

Moving from a house to a bustling community is an exciting change and opens up many more opportunities for how to spend your days. There are so many events, activities, amenities and attractions, both on-site and in the Gainesville area, that you’ll always have the opportunity to do the things that bring you the most joy.

For example, you’ll have every chance to enjoy exercising, volunteering, going on trips, spending time with loved ones or simply socializing with neighbors. Plus, the vibrant community at The Village provides boundless opportunities to try and learn new things, too! You’ll find classes offered in art, poetry, music, games, technology (iPad and iPhone skills), languages and more! No matter what you choose to enjoy, you’ll quickly find that independent living at The Village is all about choices.

Fortunately, you can easily find the schedule for all of these engaging activities by using The Village App of Gainesville. This smartphone application allows residents to easily find community information and events at any time, so you can go from finding your new favorite activity, to calling to invite a new friend or two, using only the smartphone in the palm of your hand.

Active Life at The Village

No matter what you like to do, The Village at Gainesville offers nearly every opportunity imaginable. Current resident, Gail Long, exemplifies this, and she enjoys the lifestyle of choice that she has here at The Village.

Gail originally moved to Gainesville in 2016 to live with her brother but wanted to move somewhere she had more opportunities for activities and socializing. She began searching for an active senior living community that could keep her occupied with the things she likes to do most.

“I looked at a few communities in the area, but The Village had the most to offer,” Gail shared. “There were more things to get into and places to go.”

Now, as a resident at The Village, Gail enjoys volunteering by helping with vespers, working in the community’s convenience store, volunteering for the residents’ association and participating in Bible study. When she’s not out and about in the 104-acre community, she likes to relax in her apartment home by reading, doing puzzles, catching up with friends on Facebook and watching some TV.

“I really enjoy my lifestyle at The Village,” Gail beamed.

Gail can live such an active lifestyle because of the excellent services available to residents of The Village. The services provided, such as housekeeping, dining and maintenance, lift a large burden for many residents. Gail especially appreciates housekeeping services that come every two weeks to her apartment home, and she also enjoys the delicious dining options.

“I don’t have to cook, and I don’t have to clean up!” Gail joyfully exclaimed.

Becoming part of the community

On-campus activities are a great way for new residents to meet new friends. They bring neighbors together in a unique way that you wouldn’t find in a typical residential neighborhood.

“The first person I met here told me that it’s really important to get out and see the community,” Gail recalled. “Once you get out, walk around and meet people, they’ll take you around and show you where to go. My favorite part of living here is that I’ve gotten to meet some of the greatest people.”

For more information on activities and events at The Village at Gainesville like the ones that Gail enjoys every day, give us a call at 352.548.3507, or visit us online here for your free information kit. Our information kit will explore what sets The Village at Gainesville apart from all the other senior living options in north central Florida.