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“Living well and staying engaged in mind, body and spirit is essential for living a happy, healthy retirement,” says Rebecca Brown, Director of Wellness and Community Lifeat The Village at Gainesville, a senior living rental community that offers independent living, assisted living and memory support. 

“At The Village at Gainesville, we’ve created a vibrant retirement lifestyle with you in mind – one that offers a superb living experience and a thoughtful combination of maintenance-free living and services. Among the many services we offer residents, we also offer our specially designed Vitality Program, which highlights a thoughtful emphasis on overall wellness to help residents enjoy retirement to the fullest.”

The Vitality Program kicks off when a new resident joins our community. Any new resident can choose to have a health and wellness assessment, from which our staff creates a customized Vitality Plan. This plan provides a variety of personalized recommendations to optimize each resident’s well-being based on their health needs, emotional needs, interests, passions and desires. Throughout your stay at The Village at Gainesville, your Vitality Plan is regularly reviewed to make sure you are, indeed, living life to the fullest – and staying as active and healthy as possible. 

“At The Village at Gainesville, we want to provide you with all the opportunities available to help you live well,” says Rebecca. “Besides our fitness center and programs, we also offer assistance with health care navigation, discharge planning for hospital and rehab programs, an on-site primary care office, an on-site outpatient physical therapy center and access to on-site specialty physician services.”

How Our Vitality Program Promotes Health and Wellness

1. It ensures better health outcomes. 

Over the years, the medical community has shifted from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more personalized, tailored approach to providing care. That’s because every person’s body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Personalizing a care approach takes into consideration the different factors of each person’s wellness, providing optimal care and ensuring better health outcomes all around. Our Vitality Program tailors each care plan to a resident’s specific needs, which means they’re more likely to stay on track and stay healthy. Healthy living can help seniors avoid illnesses, recover more quickly if they do have an illness or accident and are better able to have access to medications and therapies that will work for their needs. 

2. It helps seniors live an active, independent lifestyle for as long as possible. 

Wellness, at its core, means “living well.” And most people would say that “living well” means being free to do what you want, when you want it, as independently as possible. A cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness ends up limiting your options and may not help you live as independently as you like. People of all ages wish to feel like they’re in control of their lives and are able to make their own decisions. By providing residents with choices to help them stay as active as possible, our Vitality Program helps them age well.

3. It helps encourage a healthy lifestyle.

It’s easier to remain healthy when you’re living a lifestyle that encourages it. The Vitality Program at The Village at Gainesville is designed to encourage residents to remain physically active, eat well and stay fulfilled and engaged in order to promote whole-person wellness. Healthy living is woven throughout every aspect of life at our community, with the state-of-the-art fitness center, nutritious and delicious dining options, partnerships with local healthcare and medical professionals…the list goes on and on. We make it fun and easy to get out, get moving and care for your health…which, of course, helps seniors stay well for longer.

4. It provides peace of mind. 

No one wants to worry about what will happen if they do get ill, if their health care needs change or if they require even more assistance in order to stay healthy. The Village at Gainesville is a full-service retirement community with independent living, assisted living, memory care and other services available on our campus. Best of all, we are a rental community, so you aren’t locked into particular contracts…and you don’t end up paying for services you don’t need. You have the financial freedom of a rental community with the security and care you’d find at a LifePlan community – truly, it’s the best of both worlds. Having that peace of mind reduces stress, helps you maintain a better outlook and makes your senior years that much healthier. 

5. It increases happiness.

It just makes sense – people are happier when they’re healthy and able to do the things they want. Not only does our Vitality Program help you stay in peak physical health, but it also helps you find the opportunities to do the things you want…because you can do them when you’re healthy. So what does happiness mean to you? Does it mean having time to travel (and be healthy enough to do that)? Does it mean volunteering your time (and having the mental sharpness to be able to keep up with what’s needed)? At The Village at Gainesville, you’ll find everything you need to remain healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit. 

Specialized Services and Vitality for a Lifetime

“One additional benefit of our Vitality Program is our ability to provide specialized services on-site,” says Rebecca. “We’ve established relationships with third-party providers, including geriatric primary care services, specialty physician services, rehabilitation and therapy groups, and home health care providers, to provide on-site primary care services and therapies to ensure our residents receive the very best care possible … now and always.” 

If you want the very best for your parent or loved one, consider The Village at Gainesville, a senior living rental community that offers independent living, assisted living and memory support. Contact us online or call us at 352-231-8706 to learn more about our variety of residential options.