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Are you using just a small portion of your home?

Are you feeling drained by the responsibility to maintain your property?

Will you need to modify your house to accommodate changes that come with aging?

Downsizing is a common consideration for older adults and a common solution to the issues stated above. Senior living rental communities are an increasingly popular choice for those who understand the financial and lifestyle benefits they provide.

What Is a Rental Community in Senior Housing?

A senior housing rental community is the most common living arrangement among seniors and is also the least expensive. Most communities require a deposit upfront and then monthly rent for as long as they reside there.

Included in your monthly costs is access to countless services and opportunities that traditional rental contracts do not offer. The Village at Gainesville is a rental community and amenities include:

  • A Vitality Program that offers customized Vitality Plans that help you achieve your wellness goals
  • Quality dining options with new weekly menus
  • Educational enrichment from university lecturers
  • Area attractions and a full program of activities

Additionally, the health care you need, or will need in the future, is integrated and accessible. When your level of care changes, you can tap into our assisted living or memory support services.

The Five Benefits of a Senior Living Rental Community

Retirement communities should support the life you envision for yourself. The senior living option that you select should offer you peace of mind and possibility.

When you choose to rent, you can:

 1. Make the most of your money: Entering a rental senior living community makes estate planning easier – plain and simple. It not only frees up equity in your home, but it takes care of a huge item of business (selling your home) for your heirs. When you choose to rent, you also avoid the large entrance fee associated with Life Care Communities. You also have more flexibility to move or change course with little hassle.

2. Immerse yourself in a community of people: Senior living rental communities offer vibrant and dynamic friendships and numerous ways to create connections. You won’t just be a resident but a valued member of a community supported by opportunities to live a personalized and enhanced life after retirement.

3. Enjoy a maintenance-free retirement: Owning property comes with tremendous responsibility and unpredictable costs. If you are ready to hand over the upkeep and maintenance to someone else, you can travel and fill your life with the experiences and enriching activities of your choice. A rental senior living community could be the hassle-free solution.

4. Aging-friendly accommodations: Since rental communities are designed for older adults whose needs are bound to change as they age, accessibility is top of mind at senior living rental communities. If you need modifications to your residence to ease the burden of daily living activities, professionals can outfit your home with the accommodations you need.

5. Prepare for future transitions: Renting often means a year-long lease, which gives you the freedom to move if a spouse dies or your needs change. Often, independent living communities offer assisted living, memory care, and additional health services on their premises. Renting allows for a smooth transition to a different level of care when you need it.

Six Living Choices at The Village at Gainesville

The Village at Gainesville is a community that offers six distinct independent living choices with 19 different floor plans. The options range from residences with lake views to roomy, private cottages.

A Legacy of Living Well

If you want the very best for your parent or loved one, consider The Village at Gainesville, a senior living rental community that offers independent living, assisted living and memory support. Contact us online or call us at ​352-231-8706 to learn more about our variety of residential options.