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It’s not often that a 120-pound wolf dog strolls down the halls of The Terraces at Bonita Springs, but it did happen recently when three volunteers from the Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center visited Renaissance residents with Mohan in tow.

Staff members, residents, and visitors stopped whatever they were doing to pet the people-friendly, strikingly beautiful animal who seemed perfectly comfortable with all the attention. Gathering in the multi-purpose room, lead volunteer Theresa shared the story of Shy Wolf Sanctuary, and how Mohan (50 percent wolf, 50 percent dog) came to live there. Curious residents and visitors asked many questions ranging from the wolves’ diet, to how they get along with the other animals, to their future. Most were eager to touch and visit with Mohan as he circulated the room.

By the end of the presentation, the message was clear that it is important to protect exotic animals who have experienced neglect, abandonment or abuse. Residents also had the opportunity to learn more about wolves and wolf dogs, and that the reputation of the “big, bad wolf” is not always the reality – demonstrated when Mohan gently rolled over for a belly rub.

Mohan created quite a buzz at The Terraces, and his visit was enjoyed by all.


Shy Wolf’s website contains its mission statement to: provide sanctuary and rehabilitation to unreleasable wild and captive-bred exotic animals, including wolves and wolfdogs. We work year round to educate the public about the importance of protecting these animals. Our Healing Hearts program takes it one step further by sharing our residents’ stories of “rags to riches” with children and others who have experienced neglect, abandonment or abuse and giving the humans interacting with them hope for the future and what it holds.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary provides a permanent home to over 60 exotic residents and sometimes as many as 70 animals. The wolves and other resident animals are housed on a 2.5 acre property in Naples (FL) and are supported by over 80 active volunteers. Wolfdogs are generally considered unadoptable by domestic animal services and have nowhere else to go. Shy Wolf Sanctuary is literally their last hope.

Every year Shy Wolf networks with other rescuers across the country to assist in saving animals with nowhere to go. Those animals evaluated as “pet quality” will be put up for adoption with the new owners going through a rigorous application and screening process including a home check. Animals that are not adoptable as pets are placed in sanctuary and rescue whenever possible. Unfortunately the need is greater than the availability and we need YOUR help to build a bigger facility and save more animals.

More about Mohan the Wolf Dog from Shy Wolf’s website

Mohan was bought as a puppy and lived most of his life with the same people.  They did everything you should do for a young dog and even took him to obedience classes and training so that he’d learn manners.  Their efforts and love show with how affectionate and well behaved on leash he is now.  Since coming to Shy Wolf Sanctuary in March 2019 as a 12 year old senior citizen, Mohan has fast become one of our main ambassadors.  We made several moves to make a spot for him upon learning this older boy couldn’t move out of state with the family he’d known his whole life.

Dancer had been by herself since losing Rebel but hadn’t accepted any new friends.   It was strategically planned to shift some animals into new enclosures to better their lives and to enable us to move Dancer into a new space at the same time we brought Mohan in as a rescue.  If Dancer hadn’t accepted him, we had nowhere to keep this sweet boy.  The day came and we all held our breaths as we walked…and walked…and allowed them to gradually get to know each other.  Mohan was never a concern but our sweet girl Dancer, having lost two companions already, wasn’t that quick to warm up to a new guy.  Since the first introduction we’ve caught them sleeping near each other and she’s even shown some anxiety when he leaves her to travel as an ambassador.  Who knows?  Maybe one of these days Dancer will decide to go along with him on an outing.  In the meantime, this Dynamic Duo is our main pair meeting and greeting everyone and showing the better side of wolfdogs.

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