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Imagine waking up in your private home and enjoying a long, leisurely breakfast. Next, you head to yoga class to get your morning stretch on, and afterwards, you meet with your book club to discuss the latest bestseller. There’s enough time to grab a quick bite to eat in your favorite restaurant, and then it’s time for art class. Afterward, you relax for a bit at home before grabbing a cocktail with your neighbors. Dinner is a lively affair with some of your closest friends, and you have just enough time to relax with a good book before heading to bed.

Does this sound like a perfect day to you? If so, you may be ready to make the move to independent living at a Life Plan Community.

“Independent living at a Life Plan Community is truly the best of both worlds,” says Rachel Henderson, Director of Community Relations at The Terraces at Bonita Springs. “It’s more than just a place that retirees go to live. It’s a place where you have the freedom to do what you want, whether that’s pursuing a lifelong interest or starting a new career. It’s a luxury lifestyle that takes care of all maintenance and chores, plus peace of mind knowing that your health care needs will always be covered, no matter what.”

Rachel says that many of her independent living residents say, we wish we’d moved here sooner! “So many seniors don’t realize how wonderful independent living can truly be,” she says. “For a long time, moving to senior living meant ‘giving up’ or saying goodbye to your independence. But it’s actually the complete opposite of that. When you move to independent living, you’re actually opening up a whole new world of possibilities.”

Moving into independent living, says Rachel, allows seniors to truly live their dream retirement. “While you’re healthy and active, independent living means you no longer have to deal with tedious tasks and can fill your days as you please. As you get older and perhaps require a little extra assistance or health services, you’ll still be able to live as independently as possible in a community that’s been designed to meet your needs.”

But what does that truly mean? What does “independent living” look, sound and feel like at a Life Plan Community like The Terraces? Here’s what it means for the residents who’ve chosen to call us home:

  1. No more chores.

Owning a home, especially one that’s been paid-off, is the American Dream. But that American Dream can come with a high price tag once you add up utilities, property taxes, home repairs, insurance and all the other little things that cost money in order to live your best life. And that doesn’t even begin to count all the upkeep that comes from living in a home – like cleaning, laundry, yard maintenance … forget the monetary side of things; it takes a lot of time that you might rather spend doing something else.

Independent living takes all those chores away and gives you back that time so you can chase the retirement lifestyle and goals you’ve been dreaming about. All maintenance is included, taken care of through your monthly fee. Although independent living homes or apartments come equipped with full kitchens so you can throw as many dinner parties as you want, you also have the option to never cook again, thanks to a variety of delicious dining options and venues available.

  1. Monthly expenses are lower (and easier).

When you reside in independent living, you never have to worry that you’ve forgotten to pay the cable bill, or be shocked when property taxes come due. It’s also possible that you can say goodbye to owning a car, which reduces insurance costs and other expenses. You just pay one fee for everything, which frees up mental energy and money. No hidden surprises or costs. In fact, you may be surprised to find that independent living is a lot more affordable than living in your private home, even if you have a paid-off mortgage currently.

  1. Everything you want to do is within your reach.

This is both a figurative and literal statement. Not only do you have the time to do the things you want, but you have also so many more opportunities to make them happen, all on campus. For example, The Terraces has a community pool, tennis courts, arts and crafts, fine dining, a fitness center and so much more. This means you don’t even have to leave your home in order to stay healthy, find socialization opportunities or pursue your interests.

  1. Safety and security are built in.
    Even if you’re an active, independent senior, you still have worries, particularly about your personal safety or what may happen to your home if you leave town for a trip. This is especially true if you live alone – what happens, for example, if you fall down the stairs and can’t get to a phone quickly? All those worries are gone in independent living. Yes, you’re living on your own and may not see staff members all that much – but you’ll have comfort knowing that security staff are on site 24/7, and care team members can be there in seconds if help is needed, thanks to emergency call systems located in convenient places. If you decide to go on a month-long trip, you don’t have to worry about hiring a pet-sitter or having someone watch your house, because the community team members will make sure your home is safe and sound and ready for your return.
  1. You gain an immediate circle of friends.

Moving to independent living can feel a lot like living on a college campus. Suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by your peers who are also looking for adventure, opportunities, a carefree lifestyle and everything wonderful that this stage of life can bring. Similarly to being on a college campus, it’s very easy to strike up conversations and make friends. Everywhere you go, you can meet people, whether you’re attending an art class, going to the fitness center, enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail or gathering in the dining room. If you’ve been feeling like your social life could use an infusion, independent living is the perfect way to make that happen.

  1. You can make the most of your golden years.

Moving to independent living is like starting a new, fresh chapter of your life – which makes the perfect beginning to your retirement years. In independent living, you’re still an active and healthy senior, which means you’re able to take advantage of the community to the fullest. You can enjoy all the benefits of a worry-free lifestyle now and in the future. Perhaps best of all, you can make the community ‘home’ so that you can truly age in place. That’s not just peace of mind – that’s a wonderful gift to give yourself, your family and your future self.

About The Terraces at Bonita Springs

Recreation, special events, holiday celebrations, educational programs, guest speakers and a variety of inspiring activities take place throughout the year at The Terraces at Bonita Springs as part of the community’s active lifestyle programs. The Terraces is the only Life Plan Community for senior living in the Bonita Springs area.  Living choices include independent living, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. All levels of care, including assisted living, skilled nursing and memory support, are open for direct admittance with no entrance fee.

For more information, visit or call 239-221-8907.